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SUN 12M-1A

150+ radio affiliates can’t all be wrong! … or could they?!?

Let’s be real: The world is a better place with the Daren Streblow Comedy Show in it.

Daren and his band of crazy cool professional comedians will make you laugh and your listeners will love their local radio station for airing this show.

Daren is a polished and seasoned talk radio host who is a fairly sometimes mostly usually highly sought after stand up comedian who has worked for some pretty significant companies which was nice and all, but really, they helped him pay his bills and support his wife and four boys.

  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Universal Studios
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Maytag
  • Dayspring Greeting Cards
  • Pure Comedy Tour
  • Laugh Out Loud Tour

Daren Streblow hasn’t just raised the bar for comedy shows on Talk Radio … he is the bar… which makes it hard to walk at times.

Consider yourself warned:

– You will receive rave reviews about the Daren Streblow Comedy Show after you add it to your station.

– You will enjoy bringing new listeners to your station who ‘never knew talk radio was like this!’

– You will end up stealing some of the content from this show, and using it as your own to make yourself appear smarter and funnier than you really are.

– You will then be deemed more attractive by the opposite sex because a sense of humor is highly valued in American society.

– You will, you will, you will.